Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lots of Changes

I can't believe it has been June since I have touched this blog. Too many changes have happened, so I will fill everyone in as best I can. First of all, we moved into our new home and have settled nicely. I still fill my time with crazy home improvement projects, although with a new home the projects are small and mostly taken on to simply keep my hands busy (as if taking care of the children doesn't keep my hands busy enough). We love the yard and were able to plant a garden which surprisingly came up exceptionally well.

Aubrey started the third grade this year and loves it! She is the fastest reader in her class (no surprise since she can talk a million miles an hour), has been bumped up to fourth grade math and was first in her class to pass off her multiplication facts. She started gymnastics again with a few of her friends and is doing wonderful. She is a fantanstic friend and amazing sister and daughter. I was given a daughter more special than I deserve, and thank the Lord each night for her tenderness and unique qualities. Her legs are doing much better this year, and we'll see if she needs botox injections again when we visit Primary Childrens in January.

Cameron and Christian are my two very silly monkeys who are as tender as can be. They love their new baby brother and I constantly have to remind them, "He's not a toy, he's a little person. Be Careful!" The biggest problem little baby Dalan has is too much love. Not a bad life I guess. Anyways, we decided to hold them back from starting kindergarten for one more year, since their birthdays are so close to the deadline. I started both of them in a gymnastics, hip hop, breakdancing class and now that's all they do. I think they would eat dinner standing on their heads if I would let them. They both love playing with friends and are the best helpers to me.

Our newest little addition, Dalan came on October 8. It was a difficult time, as the memories of losing Brayden on Oct. 4 in 2003 were close to heart. I was nervous for the delivery and was grateful when Dalan came out healthy and strong. He weighed 7 lbs. 5 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long. Although all my experiences with bringing my children into this world have been beautiful, I have never had an experience in the delivery room quite like what I experienced with Dalan. Maybe the spirit was strong with the recent loss of my father and the memories of my son, but it left no doubt in my mind he is a very special little spirit that is most definitely supposed to be with this family.

Alan continues to work very long hours and is gearing up to start his Masters in Human Resource in January. He is beyond excited, as he has wanted to do this for years. I won't see him (literally) for the next 18 months, but am secretly jealous he is starting his masters and not me. My turn is next...

As for me, I was called into the YW presidency and stay VERY busy with that calling. Although the energy of the girls has taken some getting used to, it is wonderful! The kiddos keep me running all day long and although time for projects, girls nights out, and pampering time are few and far between, I know what I am doing now with the children is more important and has greater impact for good than anything else I could fill my time with. I keep reminding myself of this as the urge and desire to dive into teaching tempts me. Christian said to me one day, "Mom, your job used to be to teach. Now your job is to cook us food and take care of us". That made me laugh, then I said , "That's the best job in the world!" And, it is. I love being a mom. I love taking care of my family.

With all that said and done, life is going great. Alan and I were talking the other day about how the Lord has guided and directed our life from the moment we met. We knew we were to get married the moment we met, we knew when to start our family, where to move, even where to go to school. We have both been directed in our education and employment (and some of those jobs have not been fun!). We have gone in directions and traveled down roads we didn't exactly want to travel, but now in retrospect see just how perfectly and exactly they fit into the Lords plan for us. How grateful I am for that. Although our life seems crazy and sometimes out of control, as I always tell the kids, "it's all good". And, it is all good.


KaraLyn said...

Thanks for this update Melanie! You have such darling kids, and it is so neat to hear about your family and how you are all doing. You are such a good Mommy! Look at us! Look at our kids!!! When did this happen??? It seems like just yesterday we were sporting short shorts (Jr.Miss), and partying hard on those orchestra trips! :)

Chelan said...

What a nice update! I totally understand your decision on waiting until next year for K for Christian & Cameron. Linnae is also one of the younger ones in her class and I'm seriously considering another round of K next year.I guess we'll see. Congratulations on your little Dalan and your new house...and on Alan going for his Master's! Great times!

Mandee said...

Your life sounds very full and very blessed! Your children are so beautiful and seem so happy. I think we need to have a friend reunion so we can all catch up. I would love to actually meet your family some day!

Autumn said...

How lovely to hear about you and all the wonderful blessings and "goings on" in your lives, Melanie. I especially was touched by your last paragraph about being led--even into and through things you might have avoided. How true and beautiful those words are. I also wanted to congratulate you again on your newest little man, too. He is sooooo handsome! The things you wrote about each of your children were so tender and sweet. How lucky those children are to have been blessed to be yours!

Love you Melanie,

Love Your Day! said...

You are beautiful, inside and out, just like your mom! Thanks for letting me peek at your beautiful family. love, Brenda Benedict