Monday, March 24, 2008


Aubrey, Cameron, and Christian had a great time looking for treats on Saturday. They came home very happy, very full of candy, and very tired...a perfect day!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter Bunny

I took Christian, Aubrey and her best friend Ashlee down to Costco to see the Easter Bunny. It was cute to see Christian give the Easter Bunny a big kiss on his ear! As we were leaving Costco the Easter Bunny suddently leaned over and out fell a long brown ponytail from behind the Easter Bunny's head. My mouth dropped open and I looked to see if Christian had noticed. Of course he did, and in his sweet innocence he said, "Look Mommy, the Easter Bunny has long hair". I replied with a simple, "Yep, she must be a girl bunny". Whew! Thank goodness the magic of Easter is still with us this year! Cameron chose not to go as he was apparently much too busy playing Elmo on the computer. When we came home and showed him the picture, all he said was "Oh cute, a bunny", and went right back to his computer game.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Swimming Weather

Cameron woke up, looked outside, and handed me his swimming suit. I told him he could not wear his swimming suit to daycare, and he said "yes I can, the sun is shining". I didn't know how to argue him, so I put on the matching shirt to his swimsuit, stuck a cap on his head, and sent him on his merry little way.

Playing in the Dirt

The snow melted, and what child can resist throwing rocks in the dirt! Aubrey decided to make "rock salad", which was rocks, and random trash thrown into a puddle of water. The boys decided to help by throwing in the biggest rocks they could find. What silly kids!

Backyardigan Boys

I finally visited the Roberts Outlet Store in Lindon. I let the kids each choose a craft that they could do at home. Aubrey chose a bag full of pens, paper and stickers that she could play with in my classroom after school. The boys each chose a Backyardigan picture made of foam stickers. When we got home, they put their pictures together, and carried them around all night. They were soooo proud of themselves! It was a joy to watch the look of pure satisfaction when they finished their pictures.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mystery Man

The strangest thing happened the other day. A mystery man about 3 1/2 feet tall, scratchy voice, and wearing a mustache stopped at our house to deliver a suspicious package. I instantly became afraid when I realized Aubrey was missing...and then it dawned on me. This mystery man seemed somewhat familiar to me...he was wearing a coat I had recently washed, and had on shoes that seemed a little too girly. What a surprise to find our Aubrey was playing one of her many hoaxes on Mom and Dad! What a silly gal! We all had a good laugh (especially because Aubrey still believes we had no idea who she was!)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Aubrey Basketball

Aubrey had a wonderful basketball season. She was the only girl on her team, and we are proud to say she was one of the top players. Her brothers would watch the games and yell, "Go Aubrey, Go!" We loved watching her play! At the end of the season she got a medal which she is very proud of. What a girl!

Valentines Day

Valentines Day was quite the adventure for our little family! Alan was unable to come home the night before because of a terrible snow storm that closed the roads. I spent the night with the kids decorating cookies, eating popcorn, and watching movies. When Daddy came home the next day he had a HUGE Valentines balloon for Aubrey and TONS of candy for the boys. What a great Dad! Aubrey had to bring the balloon to school and leave it in my classroom. Oh how the kids adore their Daddy.